Abbeyfield Polonia House

Affordable Accommodation and Companionship for active Polish seniors in Ottawa

"Nothing happens unless first we dream" - Carl Sandburg

In 2021, five motivated volunteers came together with the goal of creating an affordable residence for active Polish seniors in the Ottawa area who no longer wish to live on their own.

Our journey led us to embrace the Abbeyfield concept.

- 12-15 residents per home
- family style accommodation
- private affordable accommodation
- nutritious meals
- safe secure living
- FREEDOM to live the life you want without the extra worries

Abbeyfield Polonia House is a provisional member of Abbeyfield Canada ( We are incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in the province of Ontario and are have federal charitable status designation.

Zofia Wald-Mroz


Zofia is a semi retired Audiologist . Born in England to Polish parents displaced by the War, she has lived in the Ottawa area for many years and is passionate about improving the services for Polish seniors.

Agnes Warda

Vice President

Agnes has worked in Federal Government, Carleton University, with NGO’s and currently co-owns a consulting company. Agnes is a representative of numerous community organizations at City Council and NCC. Agnes is highly recognized for her volunteer work and has received many awards.

Monika Roczniak


Monika emigrated to Canada with her family in 1987. Landscape designer by education, for the past 25 years working in Family medicine clinics in the Ottawa area. Hobbies include gardening a reading. Proud grandmother.

Marianna Zurawski


Marianna is the owner of Living with Care Inc., a successful home health company serving the Ottawa Area. Her primary focus is on the elderly population with physical and cognitive challenges. Marianna is active in the community and enjoys spending time with her four grandchildren.

Danuta Tardif


First generation Canadian, has lived in Ottawa for over 40 years. Has worked as a legislative assistant for Members of Parliament and for Global Affairs Canada. Passionate about volunteer work especially assisting vulnerable members of society (awarded Ontario Volunteer Award 2014).


The Polonia Abbeyfield House will be a home for up to 15 retirees of Polish background. The residents will be part of a big family bonded by Polish language and culture. The home will provide companionship for those no longer wishing to live on their own but who are physically active and wanting life on their own terms.

Supportive Environment

Residents will no longer have the worry of managing and maintaining a household nor will they need to plan, shop for and prepare their own meals. Two main meals per day will be prepared and served on the premises by a member of staff. The menu will be selected to bring back memories of home. Residents will be able to share their meals together in the dining room. Breakfast will be provided buffet style. Cleaning of all communal areas will be the responsibility of the Abbeyfield staff and high standards of cleanliness will be maintained at all times.

Comfort and Privacy

The house will be located in an area close to shops and local amenities and surrounded by greenery so that residents will be able to enjoy the outdoors and if desired, practice their gardening skills.
Each resident will have his own private living area and ensuite bathroom which he/she will be able to furnish at will to give it the feeling of “home”. There will be access to communal areas including the gardens.


Abbeyfield Polonia House is a not for profit society. Rent will be set at an affordable rate and will include board and lodging, food, power, house maintenance and overhead costs. The monthly charges will be more reasonable than those of most “for profit”  homes. 

Why Polonia Abbeyfield House

Polonia Abbeyfield House will cater to the needs of seniors of Polish background. Often as we age the desire to return to ones roots becomes stronger but the return to ones homeland is often not possible or practical …this environment would give residents the possibility to spend their senior years with people of similar linguistic and cultural background.

The first Abbeyfield House was founded in England in 1956 by retired British Major Richard Carr-Gomm, in response to the profound human loneliness he witnessed in the post-World War II Europe.

Major Carr-Gomm started a non-profit society caring for lonely elderly in the East End of London. Abbeyfield was the name of the street where the first volunteers met to establish the Abbeyfield House Society. Since then, over 800 Abbeyfield Houses have formed around the world, in countries such as Australia, Belgium, New Zealand, South Africa, Poland and the United Kingdom

Abbeyfield Houses Society of Canada was established with the first House being built in Sidney, BC in 1985. There are currently 19 Abbeyfield Houses in Canada including one in Ottawa
( )with additional Houses under development and construction or in the planning stages across the country.               

Will Polonia Abbeyfield House be suitable for me?

If you are
of Polish background
a physically active mobile senior
able to take care of yourself independently
able to maintain your own medication routines
able to live and share meals in amicable environment
in need of companionship - no longer wish to live on your Own…….

…then this is the place for you

How mobile do I have to be?

You need to be able to move around on your own. Assistive devices such as walkers and wheelchairs are acceptable.
Personal care services will not be provided through ‘Abbeyfield but can be accessed through the community.

What accommodation will be provided?

Each resident will have a private living space either bed sitting room or suite and private ensuite. Shared dining and common spaces and a guest room. Residents will furnish their own rooms.

What happens if a resident becomes ill?

Minor ailments are taken care of in the home. If a resident is hospitalized it is assumed that they will be returning to Abbeyfield. Residents will stay in the home as long as they are able to care for themselves.

Who will run the House?

Abbeyfield Polonia House will be  run by a volunteer Board of Directors. They will handle all applications, employ staff as necessary and will maintain the property. 

Will it be possible to accommodate married couples?

Our goal is to provide accommodation both for single persons and married couples. 

Will housekeeping services be included in the rent?

Generally all residents will be responsible for looking after their own rooms and laundry but will be free to hire domestic help at their own cost.

Will pets be allowed?

This will be determined by Household.

Will residents be able to smoke?

All Abbeyfield homes have a NO SMOKING policy.

Will I need a sponsor to be accepted into the home?

Each incoming resident will need to provide the name of one or two trusted friends or relatives that could be contacted in case of an emergency. There will be no financial involvement required on their part.

How much will it cost to live in the Home?

We are unable to provide an exact amount at this time. Generally accommodation in an Abbeyfield Home is more affordable than other senior accommodations due to the voluntary management and the not-for-profit cooperative philosophy of Abbeyfield. In 2021 in Canada  the rent for an Abbeyfield resident ranged from $1500 - $2200 per month which included accommodation and meals. 


Become a Volunteer! The background of the Abbeyfield initiative in the volunteer support and Polonia House welcomes applications from enthusiastic and passionate individuals who would like to become part of out team. We are particularly looking for persons with interest or experience in fundraising, social media, accounting, marketing. If this describes you please reach out to us at

  • Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

If you feel that you need further information please contact us.


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