Will Polonia Abbeyfield House be suitable for me?

If you are
of Polish background
a physically active mobile senior
able to take care of yourself independently
able to maintain your own medication routines
able to live and share meals in amicable environment
in need of companionship - no longer wish to live on your Own…….

…then this is the place for you

How mobile do I have to be?

You need to be able to move around on your own. Assistive devices such as walkers and wheelchairs are acceptable.
Personal care services will not be provided through ‘Abbeyfield but can be accessed through the community.

What accommodation will be provided?

Each resident will have a private living space either bed sitting room or suite and private ensuite. Shared dining and common spaces and a guest room. Residents will furnish their own rooms.

What happens if a resident becomes ill?

Minor ailments are taken care of in the home. If a resident is hospitalized it is assumed that they will be returning to Abbeyfield. Residents will stay in the home as long as they are able to care for themselves.