Who will run the House?

Abbeyfield Polonia House will be  run by a volunteer Board of Directors. They will handle all applications, employ staff as necessary and will maintain the property. 

Will it be possible to accommodate married couples?

Our goal is to provide accommodation both for single persons and married couples. 

Will housekeeping services be included in the rent?

Generally all residents will be responsible for looking after their own rooms and laundry but will be free to hire domestic help at their own cost.

Will pets be allowed?

This will be determined by Household.

Will residents be able to smoke?

All Abbeyfield homes have a NO SMOKING policy.

Will I need a sponsor to be accepted into the home?

Each incoming resident will need to provide the name of one or two trusted friends or relatives that could be contacted in case of an emergency. There will be no financial involvement required on their part.

How much will it cost to live in the Home?

We are unable to provide an exact amount at this time. Generally accommodation in an Abbeyfield Home is more affordable than other senior accommodations due to the voluntary management and the not-for-profit cooperative philosophy of Abbeyfield. In 2021 in Canada  the rent for an Abbeyfield resident ranged from $1500 - $2200 per month which included accommodation and meals.